Georgia begins with Khinkali

Already legendary restaurants of Georgian cuisine Khinkali , which for so many years greet their guests with sincere smiles and real traditional dishes of Georgia! Khinkali is the atmosphere… Khinkali is the taste… Khinkali is Georgia! By visiting Khinkali restaurants, you will not only taste Georgia, but also immerse yourself in the world of incredible Georgian culture! Our establishments are created to give hospitality and joyful emotions to all

A feast with a Caucasian accent!

In the restaurants Khinkali on Shota Rustaveli and Khinkali on Obolon you can always celebrate your special event and share the joy of celebrating with friends and family in a convenient format of “unlimited banquet”.

Kyiv street Shota Rustaveli, 4

(067) 503-20-79

Kyiv, Heroes of Stalingrad Ave., 24, section 11a

(097) 154-00-42

Khinkali on Obolon(097) 154-00-42 Khinkali on Shota(067) 503-20-79