A few words about Georgian sauces

Sauces in the Georgian cuisine play a very important role. This brings the kitchen of sunny Georgia to the cuisine of France. Any restaurant of Georgian cuisine in any country in the world (Ukraine is not an exception) will be able to offer its guests a large selection of delicious sauces that can serve as separate dishes. In this case, they should be eaten with bread. The caloric content of sauces and their specific taste make it possible for every guest visiting a Caucasian restaurant to taste sauces that he can not taste anywhere else.

Basic operations of preparation of Georgian sauces

The cuisine of the Caucasus involves the use of two basic operations for making sauce:

  • Boiling;
  • Interpretation.

Chefs who represent the restaurant of Georgian cuisine, boil fruit mash or juice at least a third (usually, half), and the interpretation of various spices, nuts and garlic is carried out to the state of homogeneous paste. It is this kind of careful preparation of sauces that is famous for the cuisine of the Caucasus in general, and the Georgian restaurant “Khinkali” in Kiev.

What is the difference between Georgian sauces and European sauces?

In the restaurant of Georgian cuisine “Khinkali”, located in Kiev, you can order really high-quality sauces of Caucasian cuisine cooked according to classical Georgian recipes. The restaurant “Khinkali” is a paradise of Caucasian sauces and national Georgian cuisine in general.

Let’s list briefly the main distinctive features of Georgian sauces from European:

  • Use only natural plant material;
  • A large number of varieties of nut sauces;
  • Skillful use of spices in various proportions;
  • High nutritional value of sauces, along with the fact that they are not only not harmful, but also useful for human health.

If you need real Georgian cuisine in Kiev, the choice should fall on the restaurant “Khinkali”! This is the best restaurant of Caucasian cuisine in the Ukrainian capital.