If your favorite food is Georgian cuisine, then you really should know where they are done best.

Georgian restaurant Khinkali at 4 Shota Rustaveli st. is an establishment with traditions. No other place in Kyiv treats all the nuances of Georgian cuisine as carefully as they do. Many ingredients are ordered and delivered straight from Georgia. Authentic Georgian recipes of incredible dishes with meat, fish, fowl and vegetables with various sauces, spices and herbs are prepared the exact same way as they have been for centuries in Caucasian families. There are lots of original Georgian dishes in the menu: chashululi, phali, satsivi, adjabsandal, lobio, dolma, chakapuli, churchkhela, Chkmersky and Tapaka chicken, kebab… the list goes on! There are 12 sorts of khinkali alone – with lamb, veal, cheese and mushrooms, with shrimp in cream sauce, with pork and veal, veal tongue and even sweet – with berries in jelly. Khachapuri made in Khinkali are considered to be the best in Kyiv. You can be sure to always find what you need in Khinkali’s menu.

There are lots of places with Georgian cuisine in Kyiv. Most of them only have the standard set of popular Georgian dishes. These, of course, are Khinkali and Khachapuri. Also, there usually is Tapaka chicken and shashlik. Usually, that’s it for the traditional dishes. Why? Because making a larger menu with dishes unfamiliar to non-Georgians, even names of which are relatively unknown, is unprofitable. They don’t sell well, because they’re unpopular. But Georgian cuisine is so rich! Generous variety of Georgian food is the most attractive feature of Georgian cuisine.

Small choice is not the only problem of most of Georgian cuisine establishments in Kyiv. Incorrect preparation technology of Georgian dishes that distorts their real taste is another attribute of many Georgian cuisine establishments. There are several reasons for this.

First one is saving on products. For example, for the traditional Georgian sauce bazha you need special kind of walnut, which didn’t grow in Ukraine, which makes it much more expensive. So it goes without saying that few places in Kyiv can boast having the real bazha sauce with the correct kind of nuts.

Second one is adapting the taste, so it appeals to the non-Georgian visitors, to boost sales.

Third one is the lack of real Georgians in the kitchens. Few chefs can learn all the nuances of foreign cuisine and feel it with their heart.

One of the best in Kyiv, Khinkali at 4 Shota Rustaveli st., meets all the criteria of a real Georgian restaurant v and offers authentic Georgian food and good service.

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