Plan for you and your relatives Caucasian feast in Georgian restaurant Khinkali. Every Sunday
during May order Georgian or Adzharian table for 4 or 8 people for a half price.

We recommend you to taste Georgian table for 4 people ( 2900 grm -725 uah instead of 1450
uah- tasty Georgian salad, aromatic greens, the best Georgian cheese, vegetable rolls with
walnuts cream, appetizing mingrelian style khachapuri, the specialty of the house khinkali with
pork and veal, grilled potato with bacon, grilled vegetables, traditional Georgian bread – shoti
and spicy sauces.

Choose Caucasian table for 4 or 8 people

Enjoy your life together with Khinkali restaurant!

Kiev, 4 Shota Rustavelli Str.
Tel: 0675032079