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1 02, 2018

Gifts for all guests in Birthday of Khinkali restaurant

Gamardjoba ,Genatzvale! Khinkali restaurant celebrates 12 Birthday! We celebrate this wonderful event and present all guests with appetizing gifts. During February participate in all-price lottery and get tasty dish or drink.* *Excapt business-lunches Kiev, 4 Shota Rustavelli Str. Tel: 0675032079

16 01, 2018

Georgian or Adzariyan table at half price in Khinkali restaurant

Organize for yourself and your relatives the real Georgian tableful in Khinkali restaurant. Every Sunday for all guests Georgian or Adzhariyan table at half price. Georgian or Adzhariyan table –are tables for company of 4 people with best traditional Georgian dishes, Georgian bread shoti and spicy sauces. Enjoy life with Khinkali restaurant! Kiev, 4 Shota [...]

2 01, 2018

Specialties of the house for half a price in Khinkali restaurant

Generous, tasty and emotional January is waiting for you in Khinkali restaurant. During the whole month for all our guests the best dishes of Georgian cuisine for half price. Warm yourself by very tasty and aromatic kharcho ( 350 grm-34 uah, instead of 68 uah), taste spicy khinkali with mutton and green adjika (450 grm-64 [...]

8 12, 2017

Sunday gifts in Khinkali restaurant!

Come to Khinkali restaurant in order to taste renowned Georgian dish- tasty, aromatic khinkali. Every Sunday in December the second portion of khinkali for free for all guests. We recommend to taste the new kind of khinkali with tender veal tongue (450 gm-158 uah) or choose one of 12 kinds of appetizing khinkali. Have a [...]

8 12, 2017

20 % discount to your check in Khinkali restaurant

Khinkali restaurant invites you for emotional rest and presents you with 20 % discount to your check in case if you make a reservation on Shoti is traditional Georgian bread in form of boat. The form of this bread with pointed ends is a tribute to tradition, and the hole in the center - [...]

8 12, 2017

Course of month in Khinkali restaurant

In December taste the course of the month in Khinkali restaurant – Tbilisi-style muttom. Aromatic mutton stewed with vegetables and piquant jeera. Served on ketse with baked Suluguni cheese crust. Tbilisi –style mutton- substantial, juicy and awesome tasty dish. Open Georgian cuisine from new side in Khinkali restaurant! Kiev, 4 Shota Rustavelli Str. Tel: 0675032079

2 11, 2017

Lulya-kebab for half price in Khinkali restaurant

Khinkali restaurant invites you to visit lulya-kebab restaurant. 8 kinds of tasty lulya-kebab you can order for half price. Taste juicy pork lulya-kebab with oyster mushrooms (200/70-88 uah),tender rabbit lulya-kebab (200/70-58 uah), appetizing cod fish lulya-kebab ( 200/70-88 uah), mutton lulya-kebab (200/70- 88 uah) and many others. Kiev, 4 Shota Rustavelli Str. Tel: 0675032079

11 10, 2017

Khachapuri for half price in Khinkali restaurant

Invite you to visit khachapuri festival in Khinkali restaurant. During October order delicious khachapuri for half price. You can taste 14 kinds of appetizing khachapuri. Except traditional khachapuri you can order khachapuri with chicken, mushrooms and smoked suluguni cheese (300 gm -68 uah),khachapuri with pork Kubdari- svanuri ( 300 gm -60 uah), juicy khachapuri with [...]

1 09, 2017

The second portion of khinkali as a gift in Khinkali restaurant

Khinkali restaurant invites you to khinkali festival. During September the second portion of aromatic,juicy khinkali for free. In festival menu you can find more than 20 kinds of tasty khinkali with different fillings. Taste khinkali with pork,veal and garlic (450gm -128uah),khinkali with suluguni cheese,tomatoes and coriander (400grm-118uah), unusual khinkali with horse-flesh (450grm-118uah), khinkali with tender [...]

21 08, 2017

Refreshing lemonades in Khinkali restaurant

Aromatic home-made lemonades in Khinkali restaurant. Lemonades tone organism and quench one's thirst. Taste aromatic orange lemonade (  250 ml- 25 uah), unusual cucumber- lime lemonade ( 250 ml- 25 uah), ginger lemonade ( 250 ml -23 uah)  and  classic lemone ( 250 ml-25 uah). Enjoy the summer in Khinkali restaurant!