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10 02, 2019

Gifts for all birthday men in Khinkali restaurant

Celebrate your birthday in georgian restaurant Khinkali. Get 20% discount to your holiday bill and portion of khinkali as a gift*. If your bill is more than 1000 uah you can take a part in all-price lottery .** Khinkali is a soulful restaurant for your holiday! Khinkali restaurant Kiev, Shota Rustaveli Str,4 Tel. 0675032079 *offer [...]

6 11, 2018

Lulya-kebab festival in Khinkali restaurant

Khinkali restaurant invites you to lulya-kebab festival. During November order llulya-kebab for half price. 8 kinds of appetizing lulya-kebabes you can find in special menu of festival. Order the tastiest pike perch lulya-kebab, aromatic mutton lulya-kebab, juicy pork and honey agaric lulya-kebab or chicken lulya-kebab with Bulgarian pepper. Have a look at the festival menu [...]