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10 02, 2019

Gifts for all birthday men in Khinkali restaurant

Celebrate your birthday in georgian restaurant Khinkali. Get 20% discount to your holiday bill and portion of khinkali as a gift*. If your bill is more than 1000 uah you can take a part in all-price lottery .** Khinkali is a soulful restaurant for your holiday! Khinkali restaurant Kiev, Shota Rustaveli Str,4 Tel. 0675032079 *offer [...]

6 11, 2018

Lulya-kebab festival in Khinkali restaurant

Khinkali restaurant invites you to lulya-kebab festival. During November order llulya-kebab for half price. 8 kinds of appetizing lulya-kebabes you can find in special menu of festival. Order the tastiest pike perch lulya-kebab, aromatic mutton lulya-kebab, juicy pork and honey agaric lulya-kebab or chicken lulya-kebab with Bulgarian pepper. Have a look at the festival menu [...]

1 09, 2018

Second portion of khinkali for free in Khinkali restaurant

The soulful restaurant Khinkali invites you to visit khinkali festival in September. During September the second portion of khinkali for free. More than 20 kinds of original khinkali with stuffings for all tastes are in the festivals’ menu. We recommend to taste khinkali with mutton osso buco and pumpkin, khinkali with veal tongue, juicy khinkali [...]

7 08, 2018

Glass of wine Pava as a gift in Khinkali restaurant

Every weekend in Khinkali restaurant order achma and get a glass of wine Pava for free. Achma is a traditional cake which usually cooked of large number of puff dough and the tastiest georgian cheese. It’s a love at first piece and forever. Enjoy life together with Khinkali restaurant! Kiev, 4 Shota Rustavelli Str. Tel: [...]

9 07, 2018

Order an appetizing chickens at half price in Khinkali restaurant

Khinkali restaurant invites you to start gastronomic journey. Only in July order the tastiest georgian chickens at half price. We prepared for you 7 kinds of appetizing chickens for all tastes. We recommend to taste chicken in spicy pomegranate sauce (200/150 grm-125 uah instead of 250 uah), famous chicken with milk sauce (200/200 grm-143 uah [...]

17 06, 2018

Strawberry menu in Khinkali restaurant

Khinkali restaurant invites you to taste appetizing dishes of strawberry. We recommend tender cheese-cake with strawberry (150/60 grm-65 uah),the tastiest pancakes with strawberry ( 250 grm- 60 uah) or strawberry smoothie (300 ml- 47 uah). See the menu: Strawberry season in Khinkali restaurant! Kiev, 4 Shota Rustavelli Str. Tel: 0675032079

17 06, 2018

Refreshing lemonades in Khinkali restaurant

Home-made , refreshing lemonades which will quench your thirst and refresh you are already in the menu in Khinkali restaurant. We prepared for you fragraunt mint-basil lemonade ( 250 mil-25 uah), unusual cucumber & lime lemonade ( 250 mil- 25 uah) and aromatic ginger-mint lemonade ( 250 mil- 25 uah). Enjoy the summer with Khinkali [...]

15 05, 2018

Georgian or Adzharian table for a half price in Khinkali restaurant

Plan for you and your relatives Caucasian feast in Georgian restaurant Khinkali. Every Sunday during May order Georgian or Adzharian table for 4 or 8 people for a half price. We recommend you to taste Georgian table for 4 people ( 2900 grm -725 uah instead of 1450 uah- tasty Georgian salad, aromatic greens, the [...]

29 04, 2018

Three portions of khinkali for free in Khinkali restaurant

Only in May Georgian restaurant Khinkali presents all guests with 3 portions of khinkali for free when ordering 1 L of home wine. Taste classical khinkali with aromatic mutton, khinkali with tender veal tongue, juicy khinkali with spinach and mushrooms or choose one from 12 kinds of appetizing khinkali from our menu. Look the menu [...]

1 02, 2018

Gifts for all guests in Birthday of Khinkali restaurant

Gamardjoba ,Genatzvale! Khinkali restaurant celebrates 12 Birthday! We celebrate this wonderful event and present all guests with appetizing gifts. During February participate in all-price lottery and get tasty dish or drink.* *Excapt business-lunches Kiev, 4 Shota Rustavelli Str. Tel: 0675032079