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Restaurant news. Interesting about Georgia

16 01, 2018

Georgian or Adzariyan table at half price in Khinkali restaurant

Organize for yourself and your relatives the real Georgian tableful in Khinkali restaurant. Every Sunday for all guests Georgian or Adzhariyan table at half price. Georgian or Adzhariyan table –are tables for company of 4 people with best traditional Georgian dishes, Georgian bread shoti and spicy sauces. Enjoy life with Khinkali restaurant! Kiev, 4 Shota [...]

2 01, 2018

Specialties of the house for half a price in Khinkali restaurant

Generous, tasty and emotional January is waiting for you in Khinkali restaurant. During the whole month for all our guests the best dishes of Georgian cuisine for half price. Warm yourself by very tasty and aromatic kharcho ( 350 grm-34 uah, instead of 68 uah), taste spicy khinkali with mutton and green adjika (450 grm-64 [...]

1 09, 2017

The second portion of khinkali as a gift in Khinkali restaurant

Khinkali restaurant invites you to khinkali festival. During September the second portion of aromatic,juicy khinkali for free. In festival menu you can find more than 20 kinds of tasty khinkali with different fillings. Taste khinkali with pork,veal and garlic (450gm -128uah),khinkali with suluguni cheese,tomatoes and coriander (400grm-118uah), unusual khinkali with horse-flesh (450grm-118uah), khinkali with tender [...]

10 07, 2017

Kazbeguri-dish of the month in Khinkali restaurant

Famous Georgian khinkali in new composition. Visit Khinkali restaurant and taste special offer of month-kazbeguri. Kazbeguri- juicy minced mutton with sour-sweet Tkemali sauce and fresh tarragon, muffled in tender dough. Khinkali-sunny Georgia in the center of the city!   Restaurant Khinkali Kiev, 4 Shota Rustavelli Str. tel:+380675032079

7 06, 2017

Order appetizing chicken for half price in Khinkali restaurant

Invite you to go in gastronomic journey. Only in June famous Georgian chicken for half price in Khinkali restaurant. We offer to taste 8 kinds of chicken Tabaka prepared in different sauces. Recommend chicken with piquant teriyaki sauce, chicken in milk sauce, a little bit astringent with pomegranate sauce or with pesto sauce. Khinkali – [...]

26 05, 2017

Presents for all who celebrates his name-day

Celebrate your birthday with Georgian accent in restaurant Khinkali. Celebrating your birthday in our restaurant you’ll get 30% discount to you check and portion of juicy khinkali as a gift. * You can use the discount during the week after birthday in the presence of passport Khinkali- the best restaurant for unforgettable holiday!

10 05, 2017

Ovdukh – the dish of the month in Khinkali restaurant

Khinkali restaurant invites you to try refreshing and substantial dish –ovdukh. Summer soup is cooked on the basis of matzoon with tender boiled veal, fresh cucumbers and aromatic greens. Served with crispy shoti and mustard. This soup will not only slake your thirst but it’s also very useful because of vitamin. Khinkali restaurant sunny Georgia [...]

5 04, 2017

Khachapuri for company in Khinkali restaurant

We invite you and your friends to try tasty khahapuri in Khinkali restaurant special cooked for sincere company. Famous adzhar-stye khachapuri “Titanic” (600/40 g.-180 uah) and king-style khachapuri with appetizing backed crackling (950 g.-280 uah). Khinkali restaurant – small Georgia in the heart of big city!

11 03, 2017

A few words about Georgian sauces

A few words about Georgian sauces Sauces in the Georgian cuisine play a very important role. This brings the kitchen of sunny Georgia to the cuisine of France. Any restaurant of Georgian cuisine in any country in the world (Ukraine is not an exception) will be able to offer its guests a large selection of [...]