Generous, tasty and emotional January is waiting for you in Khinkali restaurant. During the
whole month for all our guests the best dishes of Georgian cuisine for half price.

Warm yourself by very tasty and aromatic kharcho ( 350 grm-34 uah, instead of 68 uah), taste
spicy khinkali with mutton and green adjika (450 grm-64 uah,instead of 128 uah), sunny adzhar-
style khachapuri ( 300 grm-58 uah,instead of 115 uah), grilled chicken Tabaka with garlic sauce
(100\40 -46 uah,instead of 92 uah).

Organize the great holiday in Khinkali restaurant!

Kiev, 4 Shota Rustavelli Str.
Tel: 0675032079