Khinkali restaurant invites you to khinkali festival. 
During September the second portion of aromatic,juicy khinkali for free. 

In festival menu you can find more than 20 kinds of tasty khinkali with different fillings. 
Taste khinkali with pork,veal and garlic (450gm -128uah),khinkali with suluguni cheese,tomatoes and coriander (400grm-118uah),
unusual khinkali with horse-flesh (450grm-118uah), khinkali with tender veal tongue (450grm-158uah),
sweet khinkali with bilberries (250/100-58uah) and others.

Find your favorite khinkali  in our restaurant!

Hinkali Restaurant
Kiev, Shota Rustaveli, 4
Tel. 0675032079